Our injectors have spent thousands of hours training in facial anatomy and the science of injectables. We specialize in aesthetic treatments that magnify your best self. The injectables team is led by Jenny Garland, MS, BSN, RN. Jenny is an injectables trainer with Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm. She trains physicians and  nurses across the United States in the art and science of injectables. She is in the top 10% of requested injectables trainers in the nation and trains more than 200 injectors annually.  Jenny hand-picked the injectables team at Colorado Beauty RN to serve as a direct extension of her. You are in the best hands at our skin clinic. Our injectors know how to provide stellar results, both natural and impactful.


The virtual consultation at Colorado Beauty RN is specifically designed for full face balancing with injectables. The process begins with an examination of your anatomical baseline. We provide you with recommendations to balance your facial features. You'll receive a thorough treatment plan with a pricing estimate at the end of your bespoke protocol.

The physical signs of facial aging follow a predictable pattern. Tell-tale signs of volume loss start from top to bottom and from lateral to medial (from the outside to the middle). Basically, our face feels like it falls and gets heavy in the middle due to structural changes: bone loss, fat pad repositioning, and a decrease in skin quality.

Our injectors spend an hour examining your photos and identifying each potential treatment area as mild, moderate, or severe in order to prioritize your treatment plan. Mild ratings indicate that treating this specific area would be fine but not nearly as impactful as treating a severe area. We equate the ratings as follows:

  • Mild = Like It (nice to have)
  • Moderate = Love It (impactful and higher on the priority list)
  • Severe = Gotta Have It (absolutely on the top of the list and must be addressed first for facial balancing)

The $100 virtual consultation fee covers our injector's time. Your treatment plan is more than 10 pages and includes recommendations for the next two years.

Let’s get started!