jawline & neck contouring with botox & jeveau

Jawline Slimming and Neck Contouring with Botox/Jeuveau in Colorado

Why You Need It:

  • Jawline slimming is a procedure most popular among women who have a wider jaw width than cheek width (think of an “A” face shape). By reducing the size of these muscles, Botox / Jeuveau slims the jawline. This in turn, helps change an “A” face shape into a “V” face shape that looks more youthful and slender, while emphasizing the cheekbones. This treatment can relieve pain / teeth grinding (bruxism), which often results from an overload of pressure in highly developed masseters. Results may last up to 6 months in this area.
  • A Nefertiti Lift is another technique of contouring the jawline that can be used alone or in conjunction with jawline slimming. Injections are placed along the jawline and in the vertical neck bands to reduce jowls and provide lift in the neck area. 
  • Botox / Jeuveau can be placed in and around the chin area to smooth out dimples and create a more relaxed appearance.
  • Performed by aesthetic injectors who will keep you looking natural and refreshed.

What to Expect:

  • A quick treatment with a teeny needle. The injection may feel like a light pinching sensation but is considered to be painless.
  • There may be small bumps at the injection site that vanish within an hour.
  • Bruising can occur, and may be more likely in certain treatment areas.
  • Results begin to kick in around day 2 and reach full effect in 14 days. The jawline slimming effect is evident around 6-8 weeks after injection (it takes time for the masseter muscle to atrophy).
  • Appointment Length:

    • 15-30 minutes
  • Frequency of Treatment:

    • Jawline Slimming may last up to 6 months.
    • Nefertiti Lift, Neck Band, and Chin  injections should be repeated every 3-4 months for optimal results.
  • Downtime:

    • None

Post Care:

  • Stay upright for four hours following injection. 
  • You may take Acetaminophen/Tylenol if you experience any mild tenderness/discomfort.
  • Do not massage or apply pressure to treated areas for four hours post injection.
  • Anytime a needle is introduced to the skin, there is a possibility of bruising. You may apply Arnica topically or take Arnica tablets orally to help decrease the amount of bruising
  • Avoid aerobic and strenuous exercise, as well as excessive heat for the rest of the day to minimize bruising.


  • Retail - $13 per unit 

Average Jawline Slimming is 40 units, $520

Average Nefertiti Lift, Neck Band, and Chin area injections is 50 units, $650

Average Jawline Slimming is 40 units, $460

Average Nefertiti Lift, Neck Band, and Chin area injections is 50 units, $575