upper lip line softening: before & after with subcision

Refine Your Look: Lip Line Softening with Subcision in Castle Rock, CO

Enhance your appearance with our Lip Line Softening service in Colorado Beauty RN located in Castle Rock, Colorado. Say goodbye to smoker lines and hello to a smoother, more youthful look. Our skilled professionals use advanced subcision techniques to target and soften those stubborn lines, leaving you with refreshed and revitalized lips. Experience the difference today and rediscover your confidence with us.

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What is Upper Lip Line (Smoker Line) Softening?

Upper Lip Line (Smoker Line) Softening is a specialized cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the upper lip area, commonly known as smoker lines. These lines often develop due to repetitive lip movements, aging, and other factors, and can be a source of self-consciousness for many individuals. Our treatment targets these specific lines, offering a solution to achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance.

How Does Upper Lip Line (Smoker Line) Softening Work?

During the procedure, our skilled professionals utilize a technique called subcision, which involves the insertion of a fine needle beneath the skin to break up fibrous bands that contribute to the formation of smoker lines. This process encourages collagen production and stimulates tissue regeneration, ultimately softening the appearance of the lines and improving overall skin texture. The result is a more refined and rejuvenated upper lip area.

Is Upper Lip Line (Smoker Line) Softening Right for Me?

If you are bothered by the appearance of smoker lines around your upper lip and desire a non-invasive solution to address them, Upper Lip Line Softening may be the ideal treatment for you. Whether you are a long-time smoker or have developed these lines due to natural aging, our procedure offers a safe and effective way to achieve smoother, more youthful-looking lips. During a consultation, our experts will assess your unique concerns and goals to determine if this treatment is suitable for you.

Benefits of Upper Lip Line (Smoker Line) Softening

  • Reduction in the appearance of smoker lines for a smoother and more youthful look.
  • Stimulates collagen production and promotes skin regeneration.
  • Non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime.
  • Customized treatment plans tailored to individual needs and goals.
  • Boosts confidence and enhances overall facial aesthetics.
  • Long-lasting results that can be maintained with proper skincare and follow-up treatments.

Why You Need It:

  • Smoker lines, also known as lipstick lines or lip lines, are the fine vertical lines that appear around a person’s mouth. These stubborn wrinkles are a common sign of aging, even when a person hasn’t necessarily smoked. As we age, we lose a layer of fat in the lip area and you can see the muscle around the lips working which creates a disharmonious appearance. Smoker lines can ruin the look of an otherwise smooth and flawless complexion, and they are often difficult to conceal, even when a person tries to hide them with makeup. Subcision is a simple and safe procedure that can release tethers and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The result is a softer appearance around the mouth. Sometimes Botox/Jeuveau and/or Filler are also necessary for optimal results, depending on anatomy. 
  • Performed by aesthetic injectors who will keep you looking natural and refreshed.

What to Expect:

  • Injections may feel like a light pinching sensation or pressure. Most patients report a 2 out of 10 level of discomfort.
  • We use injectable lidocaine to numb during this procedure so your mouth will feel numb for an hour or so after the appointment.
  • Bruising can occur.
  • Appointment Length:

    • 30 minutes.
  • Frequency of Treatment:

    • Every 6 months for optimal results.
  • Downtime:

    • You may experience redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising for a few days. Most people are comfortable with their appearance and are happy to leave the clinic and resume normal activities.

Post Care:

  • You may take Acetaminophen/Tylenol if you experience any mild tenderness/discomfort.
  • You may apply ice wrapped in a cloth to help reduce swelling.
  • Anytime a needle is introduced to the skin, there is a possibility of bruising. You may apply Arnica topically or take Arnica tablets orally to help decrease the amount of bruising.
  • Avoid aerobic and strenuous exercise for the rest of the day to minimize bruising.


  • $249.